How wild can the branding for a wildlife conservation organization be? Certainly a little freer than for a bank or a software manufacturer, but no less professional for that. After all, NGOs are particularly dependent on building trust, gaining supporters and retaining them in the long term, and thus securing the necessary donations that make their work possible in the first place.

For this reason, Wildes Bayern e.V. commissioned H&H Brand Works to develop a professional market presence, which, in addition to a logo and a consistent corporate design including a style guide, also includes a website, fundraising campaigns with flyers, posters, roll-ups, stickers, etc., as well as merchandising articles.

In parallel, H&H Wildes Bayern e.V. supported the design of the photo exhibition “Leben am Limit” with an exhibition catalog, posters, invitation cards, banners and a pop-up store where T-shirts, posters and postcard sets were sold.


Wildes Bayern Logo auf Konstruktionsraster

From the idea to the logo

Von der Idee zum Logo für Wildes Bayern

Design Basics

Wildes Bayern Design Basics


Wildes Bayern Roll-Ups

Campaign flyer (example “death trap fence”)

Website Look & Feel

Wildes Bayern Website