Where vision becomes a strong brand

Mission Statement

H&H BRAND WORKS is a creative agency specialized in delivering empowered brand experiences. This not only means classic brand design, but equally the ongoing brand communication that makes a brand come alive across everyday business. Simply put, we make boldly known how and why a BRAND WORKS.

Brand Work

BCC’18: Event-Design for Brainloop

Brand Work

Spot on: Brand design for Schönecker Leuchten-Manufaktur

Brand Work

Premium Branding for Leading Minds Worldwide

Brand Work

Mittermeiers Alter Ego:
A new brand in the design hotel segment

Brand Work

Catworkx, that works! More performance for the Atlassian specialists

Brand Work

OXS18: Event-Design for the annual Summit of Open-Xchange

Brand Work

Re-Branding & Website for lovely Boutique-Hotel Villa Mittermeier

Brand Work

Sanaratio Premium Nutrition for High-Performer

Working Brand
starting at
19.900 Learn more …

How much for the fish?

How much for the fish? We have been asked this question time and again over the past 25 years. Obviously, we’re not really talking about what a fish costs, rather what a logo, branding, a campaign, a website costs. This question can be as difficult to answer as the question: “what does a car cost?”

Of course when you ask a car dealer for a specific model, he has the price for an entry-level model immediately. However, there isn’t a standard response to this question from a brand perspective. That is, up until now.

The Name of the Game or how to create trust from the beginning

It is not easy to forget a good name. The creation of a strong name for a company, a product or a service is the decisive and initial building block in the big brand puzzle for start-ups and companies.

A strong name meets people’s expectations and decides whether they move in the direction of your performance promise or product or not. It creates sympathy, can inspire trust and in the best case is the perfect consolidation of your corporate values.

Your brand name is the basis on which all future interactions and communication with your customers and employees will take place. Better you make sure that it lives up to this claim. 


Make a name for yourself with the 5-step naming process from H&H Brand Works.

  • Basic Check
    First examination of possible top-level domains that could be derived from the product or service in order to generate an overview of the competitive situation and the availability of potential names and URLs. Additional basic research on the classic social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Company/product analysis
    Comparison of the initial situation or history of the client with the current USP or positioning and the resulting evaluation of the actual situation. This forms the basis for the creation of the first background stories, naming approaches and development parameters.
  • First test phase
    Involvement of employees in the form of a survey on possible names to determine which candidates and brand messages are considered internally relevant and which are considered less suitable. These findings are incorporated into a pre-selection process, which is further narrowed down by a committee of decision-makers..
  • Top 3 Test
    Further refinement of up to three names in terms of readability, pronunciation, balance and memorability in a presentation for evaluation by the executive team.
  • Ready to go …
    Preparation of the final name and the corresponding background story as a basis for the development of a sustainable brand.



We are a creative agency specialized in delivering empowered brand experiences. This not only means classic brand design, but equally the ongoing brand communication that makes a brand come alive across everyday business. Simply put, we make boldly known how and why a BRAND WORKS.

Therefore we turn visions into strong brands. It all starts with an idea. For a product. A service. To condition them for the tough competition, our customers commit their visions to us to build strong, distinctive brands out of them.

Results of our work are working concepts that don’t fit into any of the standard drawers. Because just every brand needs its special solution. And, so there are at H&H, no ricky-tick-close-enough-solutions, but sustainable concepts.

Anette Hühnlein

Senior Project & Brand Management

Co-Owner of H&H Brand Works, member of the strategic core team, extensive experience in brand management since 1989, for Löwenbräu, Zeiss, Open-Xchange, Sage, Konica Minolta, Iptor etc.


Matthias Hühnlein

Brand Strategy & Creative Direction

Mitinhaber von H&H Brand Works, Mitglied des strategischen Kernteams mit umfangreicher Erfahrung in der Markenentwicklung seit 1989, z.B. für Zeiss, Sage, Open-Xchange, Konica Minolta, Iptor etc.


Chris Latteral

Business Development Brand Strategy

Unabhängiger Markenexperte, Mitglied des strategischen Kernteams mit umfangreicher Erfahrung im Markenmanagement seit 2001, z.B. für HP, Frog Design, OgilvyOne etc.


Moritz Neumann

Information Architecture Web & Digitalisierung

Miteigentümer von Iqonomy, Mitglied des strategischen Kernteams, langjährige Erfahrung in Informationsarchitektur und Digitalisierung seit 2000, z.B. für Microsoft etc.


Heidi Mahne

Art Direction

Mitglied des internen Designteams von H&H Brand Works, Erfahrung in der Markenkommunikation seit 2008, z.B. für Iptor, Darko, Fendt, Wright, Open-Xchange, Brainloop, etc.


Paul Heinze

Multimedia Design & Video Editing

Er absolvierte eine Ausbildung zum Print- und Digital Media Designer bei H&H und lernte das Business von Grund auf neu. Inzwischen unterstützt er uns als Freelancer bei der Multimedia- und Videobearbeitung.


Jakob Schamper

Auszubildender Mediengestalter

Er ist das jüngste Huhn im H&H-Team und begann seine Ausbildung zum Print- und Digital Media Designer im September 2018. Der Einstieg in die wunderbare Welt des Brandings.


Alexandra Frömel


Sie arbeitet im Hintergrund, damit im Vordergrund alles funktioniert. Als Mitglied des inneren H&H-Teams und als stressresistentes Organisationstalent hält sie dem Team den Rücken frei.


Siegi Westner


Auch sie unterstützt das H&H-Team im Hintergrund, sorgt seit über 15 Jahren dafür, dass wir nicht im kreativen Chaos versinken und kennt unser Archiv besser als jeder andere von uns.


Jamie & Oliver

Team Therapy & Mental Coaching

Since 2007 Jamie & Oliver, our two mongrel dogs, take care of the mental balance of the team in their function as therapy dogs. Going for a walk with stressed employees and enjoying customer visits.