Exceptional wines require exceptional branding

Tauberhase, that’s Jürgen Koch, Lars Zwick and Christian Mittermeier. Straightforward, uncomplicated, committed to tradition and open to new things. That’s how they describe themselves and that’s also how their products are.

For these three makers, H&H Brand Works has developed an equally uncompromising, completely new branding that breaks with the usual visual habits. No richly decorated label with golden letters, no blind embossing, no coat of arms conveying tradition, not even a second color is provided for in H&H’s new corporate design – but simply plain, pure black-and-white design.

The hero of the new design is an illustrated little rabbit, who doesn’t even try to gain false sympathy with childish schemes and other niceties. Rather, he is a rather weird type of rabbit who is at home in a no less weird world. There are whales instead of clouds moving across the sky. When he opens his umbrella, he stands in the middle of the rain that falls on him from his umbrella. He loves balloons that look confusingly like the moon. Emerges from holes in the ground and sees his legs disappear into the ceiling above. And he endures all this with a good dose of fatalism and melancholy surprise, for which you simply have to love the little rabbit.

You can experience him not only on the labels of the original Tauberhase products, such as wine, honey or Mostrich, but also as a framed art print. Everything can be bought in the new webshop, where there is also a lot of information about the “Tauberhasen” and their mission.

And because good design also takes time, such a relabeling of all wines does not happen overnight. So that the Tauberhase fans can nevertheless enjoy the new design, we at H&H have come up with a guerrilla campaign. Every single bottle that is still delivered in the old design comes with a self-adhesive label with the new design, which customers can use to relabel their bottles themselves. Anyone who then posts pictures of it on Instagram under the hashtag #tauberhase can win an original art print featuring our new bunny.

Oh, and we also created a new logo at the same time.


Before / after animation

Art prints