Sanaratio Premium Nutrition

Sanaratio is the only nutritional supplement line that was developed and is continuously optimised by an experienced and, above all, still practising alternative practitioner and qualified engineer.

H&H was involved in the development of the product line and the brand from the very beginning. This allowed us to develop the brand effectively and across all media, completely unencumbered by the typical initial mistakes that most start-ups make due to lack of experience. In addition to the branding, H&H was also responsible for the product equipment with labels, the design of the combi-packages, the business equipment including carrier bags, the website with webshop and the initial equipment of the social media accounts.


A high-quality and individually composed dietary supplement compensates for an undersupply of certain vitamins, minerals and trace elements that we do not absorb through food. In other words, it restores the balance. The yin and yang sign precisely symbolises this balance of opposing yet interrelated forces and thus represented the ideal starting point for the logo development for Sanaratio.



2. label series for botanicals

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