Villa Mittermeier
Boutique-Hotel & Gourmet-Restaurant

In the meanwhlie we are working for Ulli and Christian Mittermeier for over 20 years now. It all started with the “Schlöffel”. This is the name of the picture element in the logo. A new creation of key and spoon, in German “Schlüssel” and “Löffel”. Both together symbolise a hostel in the original sense, in which people on their arduous journey found a meal and a place for the night. In the Boutique-Hotel & Gourmet-Restaurant Villa Mittermeier in medieval Rothenburg one can trace these, thank God, long past days a little bit, even if in incomparably modern way. That’s why we chose this symbol as a tribute to centuries of tradition and redesigned the logo in 2018. Of course, “Schlöffel” was included again.

This was also a good opportunity to completely redesign the website and implement it according to the latest findings in terms of usability and SEO. And here, too, tradition has found its place in the form of black-and-white images. A stylistic element that will never really go out of fashion. And with mouse-over, the pictures become colorful again.

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Photography: Frank Respondek