Keep CTRL: Event-Design for OXS19

H&H Brand Works has also designed and realized the annual summit for Open-Xchange in Madrid in 2019!

The motto, which was to be developed by H&H, was to express that providers will regain control of their business if they do not present themselves just as middlemen for third-party software and cloud solutions. But rather as a provider of SaaS solutions, e.g. based on OX App Suite.

This led to the motto: “KEEP CTRL OF YOUR BUSINESS. JOIN THE 2ND FORCE.”, which was accordingly playfully implemented by H&H in a modern art style with historical controllers, real icons of computer history.

In addition to the key visuals, which were used as headers for the website and the social media accounts and as large-format prints in front of and in the location, for the sponsor stands, for roll-ups, banners, etc., H&H also developed the theme further as an Art-O-Mat, which could be used to design and print out your own art poster. And as a milestones wall with highlights of the open source movement, as T-shirts with the controller icon, as beer coasters with nerd jokes, etc.

Corona Update:
How will events work in the future?

When the next events can take place again in this form, nobody can say. But without events where people can exchange information face-to-face, make contacts and maintain existing ones, it will not work in the long run. We humans are simply not made for this. Initial attempts at digital events may not have been exactly what we expected, but surprisingly they were much, much better than we all thought.

Apple successfully expanded its Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC years before Corona to the net for all those interested who could not travel to California. And completely virtualized it in 2020. Admittedly, the effort Apple is putting into this is really big, but it proves that it really works.

We don’t think that the future will consist only of virtual events, but rather of hybrid events. Presence meetings in smaller, more exclusive settings and product presentations and workshops in digital form.

What could that look like for you? Let’s talk about:

Key Visuals

Teaser and transition video

(turn sound on!)



Cocktail napkins with “Pac-Man” theme


Photos: Sinan Muslu (

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