MK Mentor: no bad compromises

MK Mentor, this is star chef Christian Mittermeier, the gastronomy manager Daniel Kübler and a team of specialists who contribute their experiences out of the international restaurant and hotel businesses. Together they assist clients as AEG, Ehrmann (Almighurt) or Audi and Mercedes Benz in motorsport, with their distinctive know-how in various areas, such as the conception and realization of new products, events, or equal complete gastronomy or hotel concepts, or the management and controlling.

And for someone who made perfection to its own standard, makes also no compromises in its own branding. Such customers are our favorite.

The same applies to the website that H&H Brand Works developed for MK Mentor and also realized. Instead of boring descriptions and lists there are facts and figures about different projects. This is much more entertaining and reflects the great achievements of the team in a sympathetic way. And the construction and dismantling of a complete 360-ton mountain hut within a few days or the laying of 12.8 kilometres of cable for an evening event or the development of a menu for astronauts in the ISS can also be recounted quite well.

And of these facts and anecdotes there are almost 50 different ones on the website, for which H&H has developed very individual illustrations, which have been integrated as infinitely scalable vector graphics (SVGs) in order to be technically perfect on different devices. Because compromises are not our thing and fortunately for MK Mentor also not.


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