Mittermeiers Alter Ego

Mittermeiers Alter Ego combines two different concepts: The quality and professionalism of a high-end hotel with the freedom and casualness of a private apartment. So not either or, but the best of both worlds. Because Uli and Christian Mittermeier, the initiators of the hotel, want to create no less than one of the best hybrid hotels in the world. Without compromise. Without embellishments. For people who don’t want to be mediocre.

H&H Brand Works was commissioned with the complete development of the brand, including the positioning, the logo and thecorporate design. Also with the development and implementation of a website in two steps (one-pager preview page, followed by the final website), the neon sign on the hotel facade, various social media activities (Facebook and Instagram) as well as the development of the visual language including the organization of an extensive shooting.



Outdoor signage


Booking mask

Set of postcards