CatWorkx, that works!

CatWorkX is the Atlassian specialist in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the largest process consulting and implementation expertise (ALM, ITSM, PMO) and more than 240 individually developed add-on solutions for the integration of the entire Atlassian tool chain into large enterprise installations while simultaneously optimizing system performance. So much for the positioning, the development of which was also part of our services for CatWorkX.

But that was only the beginning. In addition to the positioning and the elevator pitch derived from it, we developed a key visual that focuses on this performance optimisation and forms the basis for all other marketing activities, such as booth design, website look & feel or corporate fashion.

In addition to the already existing logo, we have developed a claim that sums up the benefits for CatWorkX customers: CatWorkX, that works!

Supplementation of the claim and technical revision of the inventory logo

Website Look & Feel

Booth at Atlassian Summit 2017